Player Appeal Form


This form will allow you to appeal a mute/ban that is put into place by our staff team. When appealing, remember to use the following to help your chances:

Important Information:
  • Appealing is ONLY for "False" Bans/Mutes, attempting to appeal a legitimate ban where you have broken the rules will not merit an Unban OR Reduced Punishment

  • Spamming Appeals is not Tolerated. If you create multiple appeals intentionally, your appeal may be denied and further punishments may be given.

  • Remember to provide as much information/detail as possible and be honest in your appeal
Once submitted, Staff will respond to as soon as possible.

What is your In Game Name?:

What was your In Game Name when you received the Punishment?:

What type of Punishment are you appealing?:

What is the Reason for the Punishment?:

Which Staff Member handled the Punishment?:

Why do you consider this Punishment to be False?: