Report a Player Form


Thank you for helping us deal with a player violating the rules! Do remember to consider the following when submitting a player report.

Important Information:
  • Player reports are frequently checked by members of staff however if it does not receive a response shortly after, please do NOT spam/ask about it's status. It will be dealt with as soon as a member of staff receive the chance to check and deal with it.

  • If a player has broken a rule, sufficient evidence must be submitted for them to be punished
    • Sufficient evidence should be submitted using either Gyazo/Prntscr (if it is a screenshot) or YouTube (if it is a video)
  • Please note any proof reported is your responsibility. If the proof is forged, you will be punished for it even if it is not your original screenshot/video.

    Once submitted, Staff will respond to as soon as possible.

    What is the offender's In Game Name?:

    What is your In Game Name?:

    What rule was broken?:

    Proof of the rules been broken?:

    Timeframe where the rules are broken.:

    Any extra information?: