SirDeku's Application


What is your In Game Name?: SirDeku

What is your Discord Tag?: SirDeku#2525

How old are you?: 15

What is your Timezone?:+5:45 Gmt

How long have you been playing on MCRivals?: I played a map and I like the server alot.

Have you been muted and/or banned on MCRivals before?: Nope

(If you have, please specify what for above)

Are you able to Record Videos?: Yes I can use replay mod and I recently installed obs too.
(Whether it is using OBS or other Recording Software)

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes
(Please note that you will also need to be able to talk - Any sort of Microphone is fine as long as you're able to be understood)

How much time can you dedicate to Staff Duties?: Weekends-5-6hrs Weekdays-3hours
(Please give an estimate for both: Weekdays & Weekends - Specify the amount of time in hours)

Why do you want to be Staff on MCrivals?: I played the server for once. The server has a lot of potentials and I want to help to keep the server a good place for everyone.

If given the chance to become Staff, how would this affect both the Community and you as a Player?: I would be very productive in my staff hours. I will respond to tickets and be active as much as I can in game.

What experience have you had working in a Team?: I was a staff on celestialpvp and dragonite.

What would you consider some of your Strengths & Weaknesses to be?: I am good at learning. Just need to know what commands are there.

(Example: Good at learning but don't know much about Staff Commands)

Scenario #1 - A player has told another player "get cancer bitch" in Public Chat. What would you do here and why?: I would mute him for toxicity depending upon how many previous punishments he has regarding the particular topic.

Scenario #2 - You get TP'd to a player reported for Hacking. After watching them, you are unable to determine if they're Hacking. What would you do here and why?: As I have insufficient evidence, I will first check his anticheat logs and keep him on the watchlist.

Scenario #3 - Under what circumstances is it acceptable to /ignore a player? Please explain your reasoning.: It is never a good option for staff to /ignore. People may need help anytime and if they don't receive the help it makes a negative impact on the server. However if someone is annoying you, you can always ignore his messages till he stops.

Scenario #4 - Your Faction Member is screen sharing while using a hacked client what would be your first move and why?: Punishments are provided to everyone. I will not be biased and ban him permanently for hacking.

Scenario #5 - A Staff Member is arguing with you in Public Chat over your opinion of Banning their Friend. What would you do in this situation and why?:
I would show the staff member the proofs I collected before banning the player. If I have sufficient proof and he still argues, I will tell a higher staff member.

Scenario #6 - You are TP'd to a player that is supposedly duping. Afterwards you are able to determine they've duped a significant amount of Items and announcing in chat "TP for Free Items". What would you do here and why?:
I would firstly freeze the user and ask him how to perform the dupe for fixing it. If he does not say the ways, I will ban him for duping. Then I will remove the storage that consisted of the duped items immediately. I would then proceed towards letting the owners/admins know about the dupe. (The user will be banned anyway. I am just freezing the user in case he shows the way how he duped to fix the dupe.)
Is there anything else you would like to add?: