Submitting A Staff Application


Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of MCRivals Staff Team! As we all know not every application will be accepted however each application is reviewed by the Managers before a response is given.

Important Information:
When creating and submitting your Staff Application, please consider the following:
  • Do NOT spam submit applications - submit one application and wait for a reply
  • You may reapply 1 month AFTER the date you received your rejection notification (If you received your rejection notice on Apr 1, you may not reapply until May 1)
  • The application process takes time, please do NOT ask us to check your application
  • Ensure that your application is well presented - Make sure to check your spelling and don't overuse formatting features (bolding, smilies, etc)
  • Be honest! - Lying on your application will result in it being Immediately Denied (Plagiarism, information provided, etc)
The following Guidelines are what we look for in all Staff Applications. While not all Guidelines are required, meeting what's listed below will offer a better chance of your Application being considered:
  • In-game Activity of at least 4+ hour(s) per day
  • No/Minimal Recent Punishment History
  • Intermediate knowledge of the Factions Gamemode and Knowledge of how to use the Forums and/or Discord
  • Have a Good Knowledge of the Rules in place which includes:
    • In-game Rules
    • Forums Rules
    • Discord Rules
  • The ability to talk over software like Discord when needed
  • Have a Microphone that can be used
  • Be a Contributing Member to the Community (Helping out the Community)
Note: While meeting the Guidelines improves the chance of your application being accepted/considered, it does NOT guarantee that you will be accepted/given the [Staff] position.

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of the MCRivals Staff members and we wish you luck!

What is your In Game Name?:

What is your Discord Tag?:

How old are you?:

What is your Timezone?:

How long have you been playing on MCRivals?:

Have you been muted and/or banned on MCRivals before?:

(If you have, please specify what for above)

Are you able to Record Videos?:
(Whether it is using OBS or other Recording Software)

Do you have a Microphone?:
(Please note that you will also need to be able to talk - Any sort of Microphone is fine as long as you're able to be understood)

How much time can you dedicate to Staff Duties?:
(Please give an estimate for both: Weekdays & Weekends - Specify the amount of time in hours)

Why do you want to be Staff on MCrivals?:

If given the chance to become Staff, how would this affect both the Community and you as a Player?:

What experience have you had working in a Team?:

What would you consider some of your Strengths & Weaknesses to be?:

(Example: Good at learning but don't know much about Staff Commands)

Scenario #1 - A player has told another player "get cancer bitch" in Public Chat. What would you do here and why?:

Scenario #2 - You get TP'd to a player reported for Hacking. After watching them, you are unable to determine if they're Hacking. What would you do here and why?:

Scenario #3 - Under what circumstances is it acceptable to /ignore a player? Please explain your reasoning.:

Scenario #4 - Your Faction Member is screensharing while using a hacked client what would be your first move and why?:

Scenario #5 - A Staff Member is arguing with you in Public Chat over your opinion of Banning their Friend. What would you do in this Situation and why?:

Scenario #6 - You are TP'd to a player that is supposedly duping. Afterwards you are able to determine they've duped a significant amount of Items and announcing in chat "TP for Free Items". What would you do here and why?:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
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